Welcome to Yellow Wood Bush Camps

Outdoor living at its best

Yellow Wood Bush Camps

Outdoor living at its best
At various secret locations around the Hay on Wye area, with courses run elsewhere in the UK and abroad.
Bushcraft Courses start at £24 per half day per adult with experienced instructors. SEE BELOW
For further information please visit our Facebook page 
We operate from remote locations and text/email is the best way to get hold of us.

Thank you for your interest. Our locations are to be kept secret to complete the backwoods experience. Our sites are for those people who understand and appreciate the quiet outdoors. Please ensure your group knows of the basic facilities (standpipes and compost toilets) and the 11-7 quiet policy. You will have a small clearing in the trees to yourselves. Smaller tents are best or extra payment may be required for a larger clearing unless you have a larger group which requires that larger clearing.

Please provide the following details by email to yellowwoodbushcamps@gmail.com

THIS IS OUR BOOKING FORMAT...for your part, you must list the numbers in your email or your booking will not be accepted

1. Required dates of your stay

2. Number of adult nights @ £7.00 minimum 2 nights even if staying only one as you will be on site 2 days.

3. Number of kids nights @ £4.00

4. Courses. Discussion needed before any course arrangements. SEE BELOW

5. Whether you wish to pay deposit or full amount in accordance with details below.

6. Please tell us how you heard of us.

7. Mobile number and email address please, with a named nominated person responsible for the group

8. Size and number of tents, tarps and hammocks.

Firewood either charged on site at £6.00 per bag or as part of this package (this depends upon whether somebody will be available to take payment on site) At least 1 bag per night must be purchased to aid conservation of the woodlands & some kindling may be charged for at £1.50 per bundle as you are not to take anything from the woodlands. This may not be an option so you are advised to bring a small axe ( and know how to use it..eg not with alcohol or after dark)

A PayPal request based on points 1-8 and including firewood charges will be made as we operate from remote locations.

Arrival details follow full payment.
Full payment due within a month of given dates, when final confirmation of the bush camp stay &/or course will be given, but 25% deposits based on total amount of stay/course secures places before then.

Looking forward to welcoming you
The Bush Camp Team

+44 (0)7800 767519 text only guaranteed to be answered. Detailed answers by email only.


nb courses are run on specific sites so please detail any courses you require so that we can plan your stay

£24 half day per adult £48 full day.

£15 per half day per child under 16 £30 full day...these prices if over 3-4 people..see below for further information if there are less than this number on a course as this affects the charges, please read carefully

Bespoke courses are run for individuals or families if restricted to the following numbers : £180 per day maximum 3 adults OR 2 adults with 2 kids... £90 half day.

Subjects are shelter building, fire lighting and management, fire by friction, cooking over a fire, wild plant/edible plant identification, woodland management including small tree felling principles, knife and axe workshops.  Please let us know of any interest.


Bookings and cancellation policy
The full amount is due if within a month of your stay or if you have elected to do so a 25% deposit if over a month until your stay. Any cancellations within a month mean no refunds but there may be a possibility of postponement within the same calendar year. This is at Yellow Wood’s discretion as we have to prepare sites and arrange instruction. For all to enjoy this unique experience, by making a payment you agree to

1. Keep sites secret to benefit those seeking a backwoods experience. You must keep our locations secret for the benefit of our clients, both from people local to our sites and from people further afield

2. Abide by 11-7 quiet policy-we attract outdoor types with a tiring days activity ahead...we do allow groups to book out a whole area of a bush camp out of the way for activity beyond 11pm on occasion

3. Leave all deadwood in the woodlands & not cut any live plants (resources available upon request for pot hangars & other projects) to avoid overuse of the woodlands.

4. Not allow kids to wander around without supervision with knives, axes & arrows due to risk of damaging tree bark. No bashing of plants with sticks (compare with scout camps that have no wildlife left around the camp)

5. Camp within depicted areas…don’t expand into the wilderness. This means no tarps or hammocks away from obviously worn areas.

6. Only use designated compost toilet

7. Walk out of camp on paths towards tracks to avoid trampling vegetation

8. Good fire management...do not move fire places. Fully extinguish with water. Leave ash in pit...no burning of plastics

9. Taking away all non-burnable rubbish or be charged £7.50 per bin bag to encourage good use of resources

10. Buy at least one bag per night of sustainably managed firewood @ £6.00/bag

11. Undertake a risk assessment that means you do not camp, park or play under hazard trees, ensure group members adhere to strict hand washing protocol, and that all know where first aiders with kits are. You are on site at your own risk & Yellow Wood is absolved of any responsibility. This includes your belongings and vehicles...

Looking forward to welcoming you
The Bush Camp Team
+44 (0)7800 767519 text only guaranteed to be answered. The answerphone is not attended to. Detailed answers by email only. Specific answers may not be given, so please ensure that all the information contained within the points 1-8 are given in that format ie list these points in your email.